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Elizabeth Dickens

Veils are made from either a circle (up to and including 108″) or an oval (over 108″).

The size includes the ‘train’ (the longest part) and the ‘blusher’ (the shortest part, sometimes worn over the face). These two lengths are added together to give the total veil size. E.g. 45″ train and 27″ blusher = 72″ veil.

Design your own Veil

Elizabeth Dickens

Standard Stone Scatter. We use a ‘crystal AB’ stone as standard on our veils. If you require a different stone, we are happy to change this. Please let us know at the time of placing your order.

Combing Variations

Elizabeth Dickens

It’s amazing how different the same veil can look when it is combed in different ways.
All our veils are supplied ‘half combed’ as standard so do state, when ordering, if you require ‘full combed’ or ‘flat combed’ – ask your local stockist for more details!

Our standard method of combing is ‘half combed’. This means there is a gather at the comb with a ‘drop’ on each side.

We can also supply veils ‘full combed’ which means there is a maximum fullness at the comb with no drop on each side.

Or, you can have ‘flat combed’ where the veil has no gather and lays flat on the head.